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ABSA Initial B-Pressure Exam

With increased use of the GTAW welding process in industry, starting on December 19, 2013 an alternative initial B-Pressure test is available.  The exam will be conducted using a 6″ coupon using the GTAW welding process for the root pass with an ER70S-2 electrode (F6) with a shielding gas (100% Argon) and no backing gas.  For the fill and cap passes, the SMAW weld process using E-7018 (F4) will be used.  A successful candidate will obtain an Alberta Grade B Pressure Welder Certificate of Competency.

Register Today

Application forms are available on the ABSA website or can be picked up at the Boilermaker Welding Centre.  Completed forms must be submitted to ABSA along with copies of:

  1. Journeyman Welder or Red-Seal Certificate
  2. Government issued photo ID
  3. Exam Fee of $242.00


In Person/Mail:

9410 20 Ave
Edmonton AB  T6N 0A4


Phone: 780-437-9100

For detailed information on the examination procedure, cancellation policy and failure policy review the Grade B Pressure Welder Reference Syllabus.

Practice & Training

View facility hours to book practice time. If you are interested in attending the B Pressure Course please contact Kyla at 780-451-5992  Ext 278 or email

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