Boilermakers Lodge 146

Union Advantage

Belonging to a union means higher wages, more health benefits, a safer workplace and fair treatment.  

Better Wages

The Canadian Labour Congress recently released a study showing that in 2013 approximately 31% of the Canadian workforce were union members and that “those workers earned on average $5.17/hour more” than their non-union counterparts (   More money in the pockets of the workers who invest it back into the economy. A win-win!

Safer Workplace

Union members also bring safer working conditions to the job, “not only will you get more training but employers are more likely to be compliant with the provincial occupational health and safety regulations giving you a safer jobsite!” (On the Job: Why Unions Matter in Alberta, Parkland Institute report, 2014).

More Health Benefits

“Union representation also means that you are more likely to have a dental and health care plan at your workplace, coverage for sickness or accidents, and a pension plan to which your employer contributes. For example, Statistics Canada reports that 83 percent of unionized employees are covered by either a pension plan or a group RRSP, compared to just 33 per cent of non-union workers. Unionized workers generally have better paid vacation leave than non-union employees (84 percent compared to 65 percent). The same gap exists for health care benefits such as dental plan coverage (77 percent to 45 percent) and supplemental health care plans (84 percent for unionized compared to 45 percent for non-union).” (

Boilermakers Lodge 146 is your key to securing the best job. Join our proud brotherhood of professional welders, riggers and fitters who since 1948 have enjoyed top wages and benefits, professional training and protection against unsafe work conditions.