Boilermakers Lodge 146

Step #5: Weld Test Information

Permits with an Alberta B Pressure Certification

All permits with an ABSA B Pressure certification will be expected to test after pulling a dispatch slip. The tests will consist of one or all: F3/F4 (6010 Root & 7018 fill in cap), F6/F4 (Carbon TIG Root & 7010 fill in cap), F6/F5 (SSTIG Root & SS Stick fill in cap) and/or F43 (Inconel TIG or Inconel Stick). CWB SMAW or FCAW would be an asset. Any additional weld test will be covered by the employer and welders are compensated for weld test time.

To schedule an assessment email and include your name, contact information and trade tickets.


Out of Province Welder Info