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Alberta Job Ready Dispatch

In collective bargaining for the last BCA Collective Agreement it was agreed a Liaison committee of both Union and BCA Contractors would work together to establish a set of standardized safety programs that would be required before workers were dispatched to work.   The intent of the Alberta Job Ready Dispatch initiative was to reduce the amount of redundant safety training and get workers on the job sooner.

Frequently Asked Questions


Alberta Job Ready Required Courses

CSTS – 09 Certification

OSSA Confined Space Entry

OSSA Fall Protection

Respiratory Fit Certification (4 Masks)

1) 3M – Full Mask – Quantitative – Model: 6000 Series (3M 6700 = Small, 3M 6800 = Medium & 3M 6900 = Large)

2) 3M – 1/2 Mask – Quantitative – Model: 6500QL Series (6501QL = Small, 6502QL = Medium & 6503QL = Large)

3) NORTH – Full Mask – Quantitative – Model: 7600 Series (760008AS = Small & 760008A = Medium/Large)

4) NORTH – 1/2 Mask – Quantitative – Model: 7700 Series (770030S = Small, 770030M = Medium & 770030L = Large)

* Respiratory Fit tickets must state the following to be valid for Alberta Job Ready Dispatch: Quantitative test, Brand (3M or North), model number and size.  If you are unable to fit a recommended mask(s) request a ticket stating “No Fit”.

* Tickets must be valid for 60 days from the employment start date.

How to Register for Training

OSSA Confined Space, OSSA Fall Protection & Respiratory Fit: Members can register for Alberta Job Ready Dispatch courses with any third party provider of their choice. Members can also register for courses at the Boilermakers Lodge 146.

Option 1: Register with a Third Party Provider & Apply for Reimbursement

Members can book appointments with any third party provider, as long as the training meets the requirements specified above. It is recommended that members bring a copy of this information with them to ensure that they are qualifying for the correct certifications. A list of course providers is available on the Oil Sands Safety Association website and the Air Extreme website


Option 2: Register for Training at the Boilermakers Lodge 146 (subject to course availability)

The Boilermakers Lodge 146 is offering Alberta Job Ready Dispatch courses internally at our facilities. We will be updating the website as more courses become available.

Click here to view the course calendar for current courses offered and registration details.

CSTS – 09 Certification: If you require the CSTS – 09 Certification go to the Pre-Mobilization page for details.


A reimbursement program has been put in place to compensate Lodge 146 members in good standing for costs incurred for the training required for the Alberta Job Ready Dispatch initiative.  Members who have completed and paid for this training on or after December 1, 2016 are eligible for reimbursement.  Only the courses listed above will be reimbursed. Refund amount and eligibility will be reviewed on a case by case basis and refunds will be issued in full or in part as determined by the Boilermaker Education Trust Fund.  Please note that the course costs vary by provider and the amount reimbursed is subject to change without notice.

Click here to login to the members section to obtain a copy of the reimbursement application

Uploading Tickets

In December 2016 we initiated a campaign to collect certificate information in the Members’ only section.  Members can upload their information to their on profile.  Click here for step-by-step instructions.