Boilermakers Lodge 146

Don't Wait...Upgrade Your Skills Today

How it Works...

Once you have your Alberta B-Pressure ticket Lodge 146 members are encouraged to upgrade to 1) Carbon TIG, 2) Stainless TIG and 3) Alloy TIG welders by completing the hands-on training courses offered at the Learning Centre.

STEP 1: Get your Carbon TIG Ticket (F6/F4)

We have developed a 60 Hour Carbon TIG course for Lodge 146 members.  This course is designed to work around your unique schedule whether you can set aside two weeks for practice or a day here and there; you can make it work.  This course is a combination of demos, personalized instruction and jobsite simulations to help you master the skills necessary to work in industry.  At the end of the course you will test for your F6/F4 ticket which is ER70S-2 root and 7018 fill and cap on a 2″ SCH XXH pipe test in the 6G position.

STEP 2: Get your Stainless TIG Ticket (F6/F5)

Once you have a valid Carbon TIG (F6/F4) ticket you can easily upgrade to a Stainless TIG welder.  The same technique is used for both carbon and stainless welding so with a quick demo and day or two of practice you should be able to pass the Stainless TIG test which is done using ER309 root and E309 fill and cap on a 2″ SCH 160 pipe in the 6G position.  This ticket can be used towards your Alloy TIG Incentive Project 4.

STEP 3: Sign Up For The Alloy TIG Incentive

The Trustees of the Education Training Trust Fund have endorsed an incentive program intended to encourage Lodge 146 members to upgrade their skills and satisfy the growing demand for Alloy TIG welders.  Upon successful competition of the incentive program you will receive $2000.00


  • You must be a member in good standing (members are eligible to receive this grant one time only).
  • You must take a dispatch as an Alloy TIG welder within 6 months of completing the projects.
  • You must complete job duration stated on dispatch.  If terminated by the employer incentive will not be paid.
  • All bend tests and visual examinations must be in accordance with Section IX of the ASME Code.

Project 1: Boiler Wall JIG

Project 2: Furnace JIG

Project 3: 9 Chrome

Project 4: Stainless TIG

Upon completion of all projects and dispatch requirements you will receive an Advanced Boilermaker Alloy TIG Certification.


Please review the full program outline – CLICK HERE