Boilermakers Lodge 146

Member Intake Program

International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Local 146 Member Intake Program

Welcome to the Boilermaker Member Intake Program.  This program has been designed to assist eligible candidates get the qualifications they need to become members of Lodge 146.  Eligible candidates for this program are individuals who are currently working as Journeypeople through our Dispatch department.  Not a Journeyman?  Click here to start an apprenticeship.


To Apply, Candidates must Submit:


Once your application and documentation is reviewed you will be contacted to meet with the appropriate Apprenticeship coordinator to discuss your options.


Option #1:  Qualification

  • Apply to AIT for the Qualification program ($450) and be accepted.
  • Continue working as a journeyperson permit.
  • Pass required examinations – including practical’s ($350 Boilermaker, $150 Welder).
  • Attain Red seal certification.


Option #2:  Apprenticeship

  • Sign a contract of Apprenticeship with the BM Apprenticeship Agency.
  • Continue working as a journeyperson permit.
  • Challenge Exams and/or attend technical training.
  • Attain Red seal certification.