Boilermakers Lodge 146

FAQ – Alberta Job Ready Dispatch

What do I need to go to work in Alberta for Lodge 146?

CSTS – V 0.9 Certification (No expiry)

OSSA Confined Space Entry (Expires every 3 years)

OSSA Fall Protection (Expires every 3 years)

Respiratory Fit Certifications (2 Masks) Recommended Certifications:

  1.  3M – Full Mask – Quantitative – Model: 6000 Series (3M 6700 = Small, 3M 6800 = Medium & 3M 6900 = Large)
  2.  3M – 1/2 Mask – Quantitative – Model: 6500QL Series (6501QL = Small, 6502QL = Medium & 6503QL = Large)

Audiometric Testing (Expires after 1 year)

As a member, how do I get the training?

  • You can register to take training that is available at the Boilermaker Training centre in Edmonton and Calgary. Look at the Boilermaker course calendar on our website for dates and instructions.
  • You can register with any provider at a location near you and get reimbursed. Find reimbursement form in the Members only section

What do I need to apply for a reimbursement?

  • Log in to the members only section of the web site. Fill out a copy of the Alberta Job Ready Dispatch Application for Reimbursement.
  • Email a copy of your ticket(s) and all of your receipt(s) to (copies must be legible)
  • If you misplaced your receipt, please contact your course provider and request a duplicate receipt.

Where can I find a provider near me if I am outside of Edmonton or Calgary?

  • The Oil Sands Safety Association website has a full list of OSSA trainers at
  • Check the internet for local providers

As a Member, when do I need to have the training?

  • Members can post in and take a dispatch slip without having the training. However, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO HAVE ALL THE REQUIRED TICKETS BEFORE YOUR START DATE.

What does my Respirator fit test certificate need to say?

  1. Quantitative Test
  2. Brand (3M)
  3. Model Number
  4. Size
  • If you are unable to fit a recommended mask(s) request a ticket stating “No Fit”.

I have a Quantitative Fit Test but the model number is different than the one recommended.  What should I do?

  • It is recommended that you have all model numbers requested.  Please certify to any masks / model numbers missing.

What is the difference between Alberta Job Ready Dispatch and CORE training?

  • Alberta Job Ready is what you need to go to work in Alberta.
  • CORE training is training you receive that is recognized across Canada at other Boilermaker locals. The full program is still in development.

Why did Alberta Job Ready Dispatch start?

  • In collective bargaining for the last BCA Collective agreement (2015-2019) it was agreed a Liaison committee of both Union and BCA contractors would work together to establish a set of standardized safety programs that would be required before workers were dispatched to work (Job Ready Dispatch). The intent of this initiative was to reduce the amount of redundant safety training and get workers on the job sooner.

What if I am issued a respirator on the jobsite that is not what I have been tested to with my Alberta Job ready dispatch?

  • You must be fit tested to the specific model of mask you are using on the jobsite. If you are issued another type or model of mask, request to be fit tested.
  • Do not wear a mask type or model that you have not been fit tested for.

Do my respiratory fit test tickets require an expiry date?

  • No, but they MUST have an issue date. According to WorkSafe Alberta – fit testing must be done at least every two years if there is no change in the respirator or wearer.

My Certification is about to expire should I re-certify?

  • Certifications must be valid for 60 days from the employment start date.

I lost my certification what should I do?

  • Contact the provider who offered the training to you initially and get a replacement certificate (you may incur a cost that is not reimbursable).

As a Travel Card, how do I get the training?

  • You can get the training from a provider who offers the training in any location across Canada. Reimbursement requests can be made with your Local. Travel cards in Edmonton and Calgary can take training at Lodge 146 if it is available. There is a cost and reimbursement requests can be directed to your home local.

As a Travel Card, when do I need to have the training?

  • Travel cards can post in and take a dispatch slip without having the training. However, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO HAVE ALL THE REQUIRED TICKETS BEFORE YOUR START DATE.

As a permit, how do I get the training?

As a permit, when do I need to have the training?

  • Have the certification with you when you go to bid on a call at the Lodge 146 dispatch.