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146 Safety

A zero injury incident rate is the only rate Lodge 146 accepts. We actively pursue better jobsite safety standards and work with employers to ensure compliance and raise awareness of health and safety issues. Lodge 146 is also committed to providing training and education to our members – our members are highly skilled and knowledgeable workers. Lodge 146 takes safety seriously – our lives depend on it.


Stand Up For Safety a New Program from The Building Trades of Alberta


The Boilermakers take great pride in our world-class safety record. Through education and training, our jobsites have become the safest workplaces in the construction industry.

Alberta Job Ready Dispatch


CSTS-09 and CSTS-09 Upgrade

The Alberta Construction Safety Association most recent version of CSTS.  is the CSTS-09. This ticket replaced the CSTS Ver. 3.2 ticket. Details on how to upgrade or obtain your CSTS-09 go to Pre-Mobilization.


Permits and Travel Cards must contact the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) in order to obtain their CSTS certification.

ACSA website:

ACSA Phone: 780-453-3311


Which course should you register for?


If you don’t have a current CSTS Ver 3.2 ticket or if you completed CSTS prior to January 1, 2004 you will need to take the complete course.  This course takes approximately 7 hours to complete and includes the following lessons:


1)  Your Work site and the Law

2)  Personal Protective Equipment

3)  Field Level Hazard Assessment

4)  Environmental Factors

5)  Emergency Response

6)  Mobile Equipment

7)  Excavating and Trenching

8)  Fall Protection

9)  Personal Physical Care and Conduct

10) Workplace Hazards


12) Ladders and Scaffolding

13) Machinery, Tools, and Equipment

14) Defensive Driving




If you have taken CSTS Ver. 3.2 between January 1, 2004 and December 31, 2010 at the Boilermakers Local 146 in Edmonton or Calgary you qualify to take the CSTS-09 Upgrade course which takes approximately 3 hours to finish.


1) Your Work site and the Law

2) Personal Physical Care and Conduct

3) Field Level Hazard Assessment

4) Defensive Driving


If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment please call Bailey Koroluk at 780-451-5998 ext: 269.